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Oil Pastels

Oil pastels combine vibrant color with silky texture. Once sealed under a clear varnish and put under a spotlight, these pieces really pop.


These drawings are done on Baltic birch panels, an archival quality drawing surface that is easy to hang and won’t warp. And the varnish finish is easy to clean - just wipe them down with a damp cloth when they get dusty.

Lonesome Whistle
Happy Hour
Crescent City
Cafe Alfresco
Andalucia, Rene Heredia
Forever Young, Chris Isaak
La Piazza Jazz
New Orleans Jazz
Radio Operator, Rosanne Cash
From Hell to Pardise, Robert Reynold
Dirt, Clay, Mud, The Cowboy Poet
If I Had a Boat, Lyle Lovett
Hear the Beat
Song for the Soul
The Dance
The Dancer
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