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About the Artist

Creating art is an ongoing process of discovering connections and relationships. Every piece tells a story.


My work as a photographer has led me to a wide variety of stories. As a historical photographer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) I have documented the aftermath of dozens of disasters, including 9-11 World Trade Centers, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and many wildfires, floods, and tornados. I have also worked internationally, using the lens to capture moments of community building and artistic expression throughout the world, including Southeast Asia, Egypt, and Europe. I love street photography, and have a camera with me at all times.


As an artist, I pursue these images and stories through different media. My projects often start with a picture. I might transform the image into an etching, accentuating a certain tone or mood. Or I might use a photograph as a starting point for an oil pastel, making the image larger, brighter and bolder. Or it might lend itself to a mosaic or a carved tile, where the image becomes three-dimensional.  


I enjoy collaborating with people to create custom pieces that help tell their stories. Please contact me if you are interested in custom work. If you want custom dishes we’ll discuss what shapes and colors feel right to you. We can create tiles based on a photograph of a particular place or object. Or maybe you want an oil pastel for that one wall or a mosaic table-top for the patio – together we can figure out the details, both aesthetic and technical. 


My work has been shown in many galleries, festivals and museums through out the United States. My photos have been published all over the world and are part of the Smithsonian’s Photographic History Collection Archives.As long as I can remember I have love to create art and hope I always will. Let me create a work of art for you. 

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