Etching allows for artistic interpretation of a photograph. These hand-printed archival images distill the moment while adding nuance - giving the image a timeless quality. 


I start with a photograph I have taken then transfer the image to a solar etching plate. The process of inking and wiping the plate allows me to add atmosphere to the image, for example, I might make the sky darker or highlights brighter. I then create the print by rolling the plate and the paper through a press that applies about 10,000 lbs of pressure. 


Each print is unique, because the application and wiping of the ink is different every time. Each is a new expression of the image.


My etchings are printed with Charbonnel etching inks on Hahnemühle paper – ensuring archival quality.  The prints are signed on front, with image information on back.

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Monday Night Special
Westen Landscape with Hotel
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CO-TF1 Hoke
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Like The Rain