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Custom Work

I create custom art to help individuals, organizations and businesses share their stories in creative ways and create meaningful connections. From dishes designed to meet your daily needs — either in your home or at your restaurant — to an etchings, carved tiles, or an oil pastel based on a special photograph, let’s talk about what we can create together. 

Mugs and Espresso Cups 
Leven Deli

Everything that Leven Deli has to offer is hand crafted and high quality  and that includes the dishes. Leven partnered with Lapis Studio to create custom mugs, espresso cups and saucers for the locally roasted coffee and espresso they serve up. 

Screenshot of a hand-made expresso cup and saucer, featured on Leven Deli's "Espresso & Coffee Bar" webpage

Convention Gifts
American Express Corporate Events

When American Express Corporate Events was helping a large financial company plan a convention in Denver, they wanted to give each participant something special to show their appreciation. They wanted these gifts to be beautiful and local - specific to Denver in some way. 


Lapis Studio collaborated with them to create custom vases, each one hand-thrown, with glazing that matched the company's colors and the company logo stamped on the bottom.

Lots of blue vases - dark blue on the bottom, lighter blue on the top.

The Atticus Project 
Sacramento Waldorf School 

During the early days of the pandemic, my son  then two and a half  started to join me in the studio. He asked me to make "critters" out of clay. After I worked on them for a couple of minutes he would take over  adjusting the legs, or the head, or the whole animal. Then he would make sure each one ate, rested, and played with its friends. A particular favorite was Atticus, the llama who we visit at the Sacramento Waldorf School farm.


We shared some of these little critters with friends at the school. They wanted to share with their friends. Lapis Studio created nearly 400 Atticus critters for the school – each one unique, hand-made with love and care. At the end of the 2020-2021 school year, each family at the school received an Atticus figure to honor the commitment they made to reimagining the school during this difficult year. 

Black and white image of a little boy looking up at four small clay llamas lined up on a workbench in an art studio.
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